This variety of Irish Blue Limestone originates in a clear, light bed of the stone.

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General Details
This is a smooth, pale blue-grey finish that results from a dry sanding process. The natural features of crinoids and the calcite grain structure are visible, showing off minor tonal variations. The ground faces are flat with a faint, fine pattern of scores. It is a specific finish to Irish blue limestone, and is ideal for external. The sanded dressing has been used to great effect on the external cladding of a number of influential building projects and is considered to be one of the most characteristic and appealing finishes applied to Irish blue limestone.

Widths : 220, 300 & 350mm

Lengths : depending on your window opening.

Finish : Sanded


A Kilkenny Blue Cill brings a beautiful finishing touch to any home weather it is traditional or contempory. For traditional homes it adds a touch of authenticity while for contempory homes it adds the warmth that only Irish natural limestone can bring.

This pure Irish natural material weathers beautifully in our climate. The tone, patterns and distinctive hue of Kilkenny Blue change constantly depending on sunlight or rain, bringing life and interest to the outside of your home in a most beautiful way. It is often said that after many years Irish natural limestone cills weather into a more beautiful cill.

Techical Info

Technical Specifications of Irish Blue Limestone by Kilkenny Limestone

Technical Specifications Test Average Value
Apparent Density (kg/m3) EN 1936 2677
Porosity (% vol) EN 13755 0.10
Frost Resistance EN 12371 Frost Resistant (F1)
Thermal Expansion (mm/mK) EN 14581 0,0055
Compressive Strength (N/mm2) EN 1926 136
Flexural Strength (N/mm2) EN 12372 16.8
Wear Resistance (mm) EN 14157 18.4
Ultrasonic Velocity (m/s) 5239

Chemical composition

Over 98% Calcite, 0.7% Dolomite, 0.7% Quarts, 0.2% organic Carbon, Less then 0.1% Iron Sulfite

Due to its extremely low Iron composite content, Irish blue limestone is suitable for use in pressurized urban or industrial environments without risk of compromising the stone through brown discolouration or staining.

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